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Yoghurt is a category not to be overlooked. Find out how retailers are pricing the category

Yoghurt prices product comparison

Comparing the prices of yoghurt

Behind the numbers

Yoghurt can suit a variety of shoppers. Families will be after the child-friendly brands, while for at-home and on-the-go consumers, it’s a good breakfast option. It’s important retailers respond to this varying demand by making sure their pricing is up to scratch. 

Just one line is charged above its most-common price by a majority of retailers: 53% are exceeding Müller Corner Vanilla Chocolate Balls and Banana Chocolate Flakes four-pack’s most-common price of £2, with some going as high as £3.75. This is also this week’s biggest difference between highest and most-common prices. Elsewhere, 46% are going above Longley Farm Whole Milk 450g’s most-common price of £1.49, with £2.09 the highest recorded price. 

By contrast, at least 90% of retailers won’t go above the most-common price on Golden Acre and Onken lines; of these, Onken 0% Fat Strawberry’s highest price is the largest, 40p higher than its most-common price of £2.09. 

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