OPINION: We must be ready for a tough 12 months in retail – James Bielby, chief executive, FWD

'There is a need to get back to much more domestic and regional production of food'

supermarkets and Brexit

Just when we thought the Covid-19 pandemic was under control and we could cross one of the three major disruptors to trade off the list, there are signs it may be coming back to haunt us.

Shanghai, the world’s largest container port, is locked down, and there are rumours Beijing will follow suit.

China’s exports are crucial to the world, and with Russian trade under sanctions and the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU a long way from finding its feet, we need to be thinking carefully about how we source our products in future.

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Supply chains adjust to geopolitical situations and, in the case of food, we have domestic and regional markets to fall back upon.

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