Why 2016 is the year retailers must get on Twitter

There are three types of wholesalers – those on Twitter, those using Twitter to drive business, and those yet to catch up, says Better Wholesaling editor Tan Parsons.

Retailers such as Nisa Village Stores owner Harj Dhasee from Mickleton, Gloucestershire know how to use Twitter. His feed reflects the personality of his business as well as keeping people in the loop on the goods and services he offers. If, like him, you are switched on with Twitter, it can be a great way to stay in touch with your wholesaler.

Sign up to Twitter, ‘follow’ your local wholesaler (or wholesalers) see what they are using it for. It can help you build a rapport and is a brilliant way to stay right up to date with deals, promotions and news from your wholesaler. Stay in touch with what your wholesaler is doing and it will give you plenty to talk about and pass on to your own customers – in person and by ‘tweeting’.

Learn from the best, like East End Foods’ Jason Wouhra, who runs ‘cook a curry’ competitions encouraging consumers to tweet pictures of their dishes. The winner gets a hamper worth £70.

A Guide to Twitter

independent convenience retailLate last year Better Wholesaling contributor and social media guru Elit Rowland gave our readers some golden rules for using Twitter. How many are you aware of?

Do be nice – no-one likes arrogance or overconfidence. Appoint a social media manager (it might be you) and make sure they have a level head!

Do share – publish photos of your promotions and displays to get people talking about your business

Don’t be too commercial – if you only use Twitter to sell, people will switch off. Mix it up with fun and interesting posts

Do not drink and tweet – alcohol and social media don’t mix

Read Tan Parson’s advice on building a profitable partnership with your wholesaler, only in the 8 January issue of Retail Newsagent.


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