When Election candidates come knocking, tell them your concerns

Door-to-door canvassing remains a commonplace during election season.

Yesterday evening I had my first doorstep moment with one of the General Election candidates team. The lady was campaigning for the sitting MP, Duncan Hames. She came out with her key question immediately, “will you be voting for Duncan Hames?”

My answer was no, with her next question what is my reason. I told her because he voted for plain packaging of tobacco, which in effect was a vote for organised crime. The discussion that followed lasted for more than twenty minutes with each of us sharing our views on this subject.

She did try to move on to her script by dropping in the Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge on the NHS and the deficit. Each time I took her back to plain packaging, she eventually said that if she took my phone number she would ask Duncan Hames to phone me.

Could be interesting.

Have you been visited by the candidates where you live? Please let us know how they responded to your personal manifesto.

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