Update: what’s going on in the world of websites and apps

Update: what’s going on in the world of websites and apps

Following on from our investigation into how best to use websites and apps to improve your business, Alex Yau provides an update on what's going on in the digital world

Pass My Parcel: The ‘Pass My Parcel’ app is provided to all retailers who are signed up to the Pass My Parcel pick up/drop off network and works alongside a terminal provided by the company. 

What they say: Using the ‘Pass My Parcel’ application makes the store handling of parcel customer collections, and the drop off of returns, quick and easy to process. This also drives additional footfall and revenue into the store which can only be beneficial.
Andrew Caple, head of IT change and transformation, Smiths News

The PayPoint app: At the end of the year PayPoint launched a new mobile app, allowing retailers to run their stores from anywhere. It launched alongside the latest evolution of PayPoint One’s EPoS proposition, EPoS Pro.

What they say: The PayPoint app gives retailers the freedom and capability with their business that they currently enjoy in other aspects of their lives, allowing store owners to see sales in real time, change prices and promotions instantly and control stock from wherever they are. 
Steve O’Neill, group marketing director, PayPoint

Better Retailing: Relaunched at the end of 2017, the Better Retailing website is designed to offer a unique mixture of category advice in multiple categories, profiles of hundreds of retailers and a link to trade press and industry events

What they say: As the online home of RN and Retail Express, the Independent Achievers Academy and the Local Shop Summit, the site provides latest industry and product news news, money-making ideas and retailer case studies. The site is home to a wide selection of downloadable, personalisable tools and resources, plus more than 400 retailer case studies.
Stefan Appleby, head of product, Newtrade

SNapp: SNapp has been designed to help independent retailers manage the news and magazines category. Smiths News describes the system as particularly crucial to those retailers who manage home news delivery accounts.

What they say: On a day-to-day basis, by monitoring SNapp’s instant messaging service to understand how distribution is going has proved to be a real win for customers. Knowing that a delivery might be delayed due to stock inbound issues or bad weather, helps the store adapt and plan accordingly.
Andrew Caple, head of IT change and transformation, Smiths News

Ferrero: The confectionery manufacturer launched its My Perfect Store website last year to provide a range of advice, tools and case studies to help independent retailers find growth in a competitive category.

What they say: Digital is a part of everyday life and there’s no stopping the speed of evolution in this sector; we need to listen to our customers’ needs and adapt our tools accordingly.  From the website’s first conception, our vision was the bring together our best in class executions and market-leading brands in the form of a digital platform, aiding retailers and setting best practice within the industry. 
Levi Boorer, customer development director, Ferrero 




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