Top tips for increasing Pancake Day sales

How many people forget Pancake Day? Unlike Christmas and Easter there is no long build-up of advertising campaigns, themed songs and excitement.

Shrove Tuesday, which is on February 17 this year, sneaks up on most people and results in thousands of novice pancake makers heading out to stores on the day to quickly grab what they can.

Nutella is hoping to change this in 2015 by launching its first integrated Pancake Day campaign at the beginning of February to raise awareness. The £1.4m campaign will incorporate a TV ad, outdoor, digital, social media, radio and in-store display solutions.

Make the most of the occasion in four easy steps

Nutella PoSRemind shoppers of the upcoming event in-store. Ferrero is releasing new Nutella PoS to highlight the event. Placing these in a prominent place could increase sales.

ingredientsDon’t run out of stock – The number of shoppers who buy Nutella almost triples in the four weeks before Pancake Day. Stock up pancake essentials, including flour, eggs, milk, lemon juice and other toppings.

Staff retailAsk staff to mention it to customers. If they ask: “are you ready for Pancake Day?” nearer the time it may remind customers to buy ingredients now. Promoting deals on your social media channels could also drive footfall.

Pancake FruitCreate a dedicated display. Place pancake ingredients next to toppings such as bananas or berries to encourage impulse purchases.


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