There’s no horseplay at my store!

Following the horsemeat scandal sales of ready meals are down whilst sales of fresh meat have risen significantly.  Some customers visiting my store in Whitstone near Bude in Cornwall have been curious to know where my beef and pork products comes from.  I actually source all my fresh meat from local farmers and I”m so happy with the farmers that supply me I”m willing to take any of my customers to visit them!

The reasons for my confidence are:

  • I know every farmer personally.
  • The farms are within 15 miles of my store.
  • I have inspected each farm.
  • I’ve also inspected the abattoir.
  • There are only three businesses in the supply chain from field to customer, the farmer, the abattoir and me.
  • There is 100% traceability and 100% confidence.

With a totally transparency in my supply chain and pricing the meat fairly I’ve seen a massive increase in sales over the past couple of weeks.  To build on this recent success further I’ve also been producing recipes to help customers understand what to do with the meat they are buying and the local seasonal vegetables that I stock.

I visit our local Farmers Market all the time to find new suppliers and great local produce to add to our range. It is something I would urge every independent convenience store owner to do if they have the chance. The producers I meet are delighted to have a chance of selling their lines in my store.



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