The Local Shop Summit 2013 – inspiring independent retailers to get local right

The Local Shop Summit 2013, designed to stimulate independent news and convenience retailers. A mix of fantastic speaker forums allow shopkeepers to interact with key suppliers and leading retailers, who offer take home advice that can be implemented in store. Co-located within the NFRN annual conference, it attracts more independent retailers than any other networking event.

“Many retailers are afraid to work outside of their comfort zone,” retail guru John Stanley told 300 independents at the Local Shop Summit. “But you have to break the chains that bind you to the past.”

Every week 10 news and convenience stores go out of business, Mr Stanley “If you stick to your original business model, it could be you next”.

Retailing will change more in the next five years than we have ever seen in our lifetimes, he said. To be successful, today’s independents need to use social media, promote their communities and encourage staff to be “day makers”.

Many of the delegates are already putting his words into action. Case studies of Bob and Sue Young’s village shop, Peter Wagg’s city news outlets and Jai Singh’s Facebook marketing inspired delegates.

“If we don’t write an action plan and implement it, we will go out of business,” delegate Christine Hope, whose Hopes of Longtown shop is in Herefordshire, said afterwards.
“Today has shown us what changes we need to make and has given us the inspiration to make them; we will all be thriving in 2018.”

The Local Shop Summit was supported by Sun and Times publisher News International, Cadbury-owner Mondelez International, the retail development team at the Post Office, wholesale and symbol group Today’s and Retail Newsagent. All provided retailers with ideas and ways for them to put Stanley’s ideas into practice.


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