So, you want to run a convenience store?

Peter Lamb and his wife, Megan run a successful convenience store and farm shop in the small village of Bells Yew Green in East Sussex. Although the village boasts a population of just 300, they have been able to build a successful and profitable business from scratch that has been operating for 4 years.

When he was starting out, Peter wished he had a “how to” guide to ensure success, but could not find one. He and his wife set up their business together and admit that they made their fair share of mistakes along the way. The mistakes brought learning and many successes and Peter wrote an e-book that covered the lessons learnt, which is relevant to both new entrants and improvers.

Over the coming weeks, Better Retailing will share what Peter learnt through a selection of extracts from So, you want to run a convenience store

He says “Not everything in my book will be relevant to other every convenience store, but if you follow the advice for what is, the contents of these pages will turn into retail gold for you.”

Click for part one – The procedures


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