See My Shop: Merchandising with the Masters

Good merchandising and best practice delivers strong sales in independent stores. Retail Newsagent visit 3 retailers to see what they do, and how.

Good merchandising and best practice delivers strong sales in independent stores.

Retail Newsagent and better Retailing visited three retailers renowned for their merchandising prowess to see what they do, and how they do it.

Gravelle’s Budgens, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
Paul and Michelle Gravelle and Emma Cameron.

“The store is something we are really proud of… it’s something we’ve really just worked at since buying it and the refit has really given it a boost.” Paul Gravelle

“Our ‘Catch of the Day’ display highlights fresh fish caught within 36 hours and delivered to store. The display is accompanied with helpful condiments, sauces and ingredients that go well with the fish on offer. We try to inspire customers for their evening meals.” Emma Cameron

“Michelle’s middle name is ‘impulse’ so impulse purchasing is an area we always try to focus on.” Paul G

Krystals Express Ltd, Southfields, London
Shandip Patel

“When it comes to unique products the supermarkets don’t have the specialist stock I have. Agility is so important for this type of business; we can get any product that our customers require within three days, which is a huge selling point.”

“Being unaffiliated, we get a lot more creative freedom with our merchandising and display. Our cylinder display of wines in the middle of our drinks section was devised by us.”

Store!, Castlefields, Manchester
Mital Morar

“This store is my smallest one and merchandising is really hard because of the space limitations, so we’ve tried to make an impact in different ways.”

“We offer some very unique, high-end alcohol products.”

“My theory is, if I wouldn’t eat or drink it, I won’t stock it, but I do try and keep some value products in too. I also consider our location in looking at what to stock, for example there are a lot of rented properties around here that often need cleaning products at the last minute.”


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