Security matters. Protect your store (2/2)

The second part of this 2 part video covers the top challenges store owners face from the threat from inside your business. 90% of business shrinkage is likely to come from internal thief. We may think that the people we work closely with aren’t going to steal from us of course we would be wrong. The evidence given by the independent retailers interviewed for this video give plenty of reasons why you should be concerned.

Scams covered include staff who build cash in your till by wrongly ringing up products, staff colluding with their friend and either not ring all purchases up or deliberately give the wrong change defrauding you of cash. Do your staff throw stock out with the rubbish to collect later or are they in cahoots with delivery drivers to sign for stock that you don’t receive.

As well as highlighting the big issues that you need to be aware of the videos gives advice as to how to avoid being a victim. Here are the best suggestions:

  • Ensure that your employee contracts cover security related issues
  • Train your staff to be aware of how to keep your business secure and as free from the scammers as you can make it.
  • Install and effective CCTV system and learn how you can use it to full effect.
  • It you have EPoS use regular stock taking to be aware of where loses are happening.
  • Contact the NFRN Legal Help Line for guidance on how the law effects what you can and should do in the area of business security, 0870 264 6949.

Invest the time and I think that you will get a good return for your business and peace of mind. A great job done here by the NFRN.

For part one click here

What do you do to protect your business from crime?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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