Reviewing dailies’ display

newspaper, range, displayHaving looked at our Sunday sales I have also looked at our daily newspaper numbers as we have just renewed our newspaper display stand. We have used a freestanding Kleerex newspaper stand for the past six years and it had reached the end of it usefulness and was in danger of collapsing. This time we have invested in Bartuf shelving and having spent the money we need to use the unit wisely to reflect today’s sales demands.

Avg Daily Sales
Financial Times3
I newspaper6

I have looked at the last three weeks sales and concluded that some titles are just not selling well enough to retain a full facing.

So with space for nine full facings and a base I decided that it was time to reallocate the space. I have demoted the Independent and the I newspaper to the base to join the Racing Post, Financial Times and the Argus. The two facings that have been freed up have now allocated to our two best sellers, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. This exercise has led to the Guardian and Daily Express moving to lower positions on the display.

It will be interesting to see what difference this will make to sales, but on the first morning customers have had no problem finding their choice of newspaper. I will come back to this in a couple of weeks and report on how the change has worked.


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