Retailers Reveal #56: Mike Skerrett – Cool savings


“Investing in the right fridges and equipment can actually save retailers money. I recently made a 30% saving on my energy bills by taking advantage of government and environmental funding available for fridge doors. I was paying electricity bills of around £1,000 each month but I knew there was money available from the Carbon Trust, so I contacted them and they visited my store to find out how much energy I would save by installing environmentally-efficient doors on my existing fridges.

The Trust then gave me an interest-free loan of £3,000 to help finance the doors, which cost £6,000, and I am now paying this back in monthly instalments. I am already saving £350 in electricity bills every month too, so the investment in the chiller doors is paying for itself. The funding is easily available, so all retailers should get involved and find out about the options available. Getting chiller doors and energy-efficient fridges saves money and is environmentally friendly, so it’s a winner all round.”



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