Research what you sell

Knowing more about what you sell can help you sell more. While that sounds like a glib marketing pitch, it is true.

We researched The Grumpy Cat, and instead of placing it on the shelves as a regular product we created small signs that connected the product with the memes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and elsewhere on The Grumpy Cat.

Our approach showed we understood the product and how people engaged with it online. It also drew attention to The Gumpy Cat in a far more effective way than if we simply placed the stock on the shelves.

Our signs were fun. We have seen customers smile and point them out to others they are shopping with.

Take a look on your shelves for products you could research and as a result better engage with.

Start with licensed product – you will be surprised at what you learn by reading fan forums and other online content. The better you understand those who are interested in what you sell the easier it is to sell to them.

Look at your store as more than the hundreds of SKUs to sell. These are products people will love. Your job is to bring the products to the attention of your customers in a way that speaks to their interests.

Researching what you sell will increase sales.

Footnote: we sold ten of the Grumpy Cat in a few weeks.


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