Power mums and local newspaper coverage

Two of the topics covered by John Stanley at the Local Shop Summit that was recently held in Torquay were Power Mums and getting Local Newspaper coverage. John said that social media had give Power Mums a significant voice and one that independent retailers need to be aware of. He said that one of the areas that concerns these mums is how child friendly the shop that they and their family use are.

One of these Power Mums campaigns has recently been getting local press coverage. Carshalton Mums have been calling for magazine retailers to keep titles like Nuts, Zoo and the Daily Sport out of sight of young children.

The campaign has been backed by local MP Tom Brake and he says “As an MP I have met many local parents who expressed their concern at the amount of soft pornography that has crept into our newsagents. Many of them say how helpless they feel, unable to protect their children from the ever-present sexually explicit images.”

The first newsagent to sign up to the new Family Friendly Shops scheme is J&G Newsagents run by Krunal Patel and his actions have got him and his shop some great local newspaper coverage.

The campaign is led by Kathy McGuinness and can be found on-line at Local Mums On Line


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