Mark’s management tip – Use QR codes

QR code use is massive in the US and Asia. It’s growing in Australia. The team in one of my newsagencies is promoting the business Facebook page  with a QR code on the bottom of customer receipts.  It’s an easy way to get customers connecting with your business.

My newsagency software company has launched QRki,  a QR code generator and content hosting platform for small business. Some QR codes are free while others for accessing hosted content cost A$1.00 a month. I funded the creation of QRki to provide small and independent retailers like newsagents with another big-business like tool with which they can compete.

Retailers wanting to use the QRki can do so for free using BLOG as a voucher code. This will be give you free access until December 31, 2013.

You can use QRki to create a QR code to access your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, website or some other web link. This type of use will always be free.

You can also use QRki to access a video you load – like a product demo – or a competition entry page or a brochure document or other content.  This type of use will cost $1.00 for a month from Jan 1 next year.

The idea behind QRki is to give small business retailers QR code accessible content publishing facilities like those now widely used by major retailers in the US, Europe and Asia.  QR code use in these countries is huge but small businesses often get left behind because they don’t have the web infrastructure. This is where QRki comes in.

You can tell from it being free now and the $1 for a month pricing that it’s not a commercial activity for me. Small business retailers are important to Australia and I’ll do everything I can to help provide tools that help them more effectively compete. I am delighted to be able to share them with retailers in the UK as well.


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