Lead by being present

Mark’s Management Tips: Expert Aussie retailer and EPoS manufacturer Mark Fletcher gives you the lowdown from Down Under

The strength of and value derived from the team working in your retail store will depend on the leadership you provide. The best leadership you can provide in small business retail is being present with team members, working alongside them, giving them opportunities to learn from you.

Too often retailers try and lead their businesses from the back room. Too often I see an old-school structure when a small business works better with a flat structure.

Lead by being present.

The best way to communicate how you want something done is to show it being done.

The best way to share your vision is to work at implementing it alongside team members.

The best way to show the level of customer service you want is for you to deliver it.

The best way to show how you want your team members treated is for you to treat them this way.

Being present and working your business with your team offers excellent opportunities to good leaders.


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