Keeping the customer in mind

The first thing that you should think about when looking at your new store is surprisingly simple: the customer.

Opening a new store is, and can be, a daunting task for most. However, the crucial thing is to plan your store keeping the customer in mind.

From the simplest of things such as the customer journey, to the services that you add to enhance the customer experience, such as parcel pick-up and drop off, or a coffee dispenser. The customer should be front of mind.

Keeping the customer in mind will pay dividends when it comes to customer loyalty.

Partnering with a progressive symbol group is also key. Utilise what you have in-house and draw from their experience.

For example, we utilised the Musgrave development team and the invaluable experience of our regional sales manager for all aspects of our fitout – from the design of the fascia to the layout of the store and merchandising.

Choosing the right product range is also key. It’s hard to gauge what type of products to stock.

We are very lucky, as the new store location of Stratford-upon-Avon has a very affluent demographic, so the majority of our sales mix is fresh food and very high-end fine wines.

Take suggestions from your customer base and ensure you get the products in if viable.

Finally, execution is key. Ensure that you offer some opening/reopening offers to attract the consumer, and highlight your point of difference.

Why should the consumer choose your store over a competitor? Do you serve your customers with a smile?

Ultimately, it’s simple: Plan – Deliver – Execute.

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