Indirect marketing is the key to winning customers

I love the advice on ‘how to have a lovely day’ written on the out the front of The Bra Bar in Perth recently. marketing board shop

This sign made a walk in Perth inspiring.

This is a lesson in how to market your business without directly promoting it. The advice could be provided by anyone in almost any situation. It is practical and accessible. The inspiration to have a lovely day is subtly connected to their business, yet not in your face.

I’ve seen people use boards like this out the front of their shop for a word of the day or a quote or a joke. The Bra Bar sign is different, it’s more personal – I guess as personal as the products they sell. They are speaking to you. That’s how it works for me.

Newsagents and convenience stores could do a sign like this having headings like:

What we love about our town/village/community.
We love our local heroes.
Guess how many babies have been born here this year.
Here’s a local tradition we bet you didn’t know.
The oldest club in our area is…

Think of ideas for telling stories and sharing inspiration without overtly marketing your business. It’s a terrific way to get people on the street and in the mall to stop and notice you.

Have you ever had similar boards outside your store? What messages did they say? Leave your examples in the comments section.


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