Merchandising – Academy in Action 2019 follow-up

Mars Wrigley and the IAA visited Marty Uppal’s store in Huddersfield in May to help him merchandise his store to drive sales. Three months on, we find out what he has achieved

IAA advice

1. Use merchandising guidelines to reduce waste and ensure consistency.

2. Cross-merchandise items that are commonly bought together.

3. Change all shelf-edge labels so they are consistent with your store’s brand.

£300 monthly saving in wastage by facing up products

Marty’s results

“We’ve reviewed all our categories, and have delisted lines that weren’t selling. We grouped our meat and salad products together by placing them in the same chiller, and our salad sales increased by 50%.

“We’ve given staff more responsibility on merchandising, such as facing up and checking sell-by dates, and as a result, we no longer go overboard with how much we order.

“This has decreased the amount of out-of-date products we are finding on the shelves, and we are saving approximately £300 a month.”

Partner advice

Mars Wrigley logo

Julie Driscoll
Team Manager

“It’s great to hear the positive impact that cross-merchandising is having on Marty’s sales. Merchandising guidelines are a useful tool for retailers to implement to train staff about stock rotation and checking for out-of-date stock.”

Set a leading example

Visit Better Retailing/academy-in-action to promote and price your products consistently, and see how you can be a part of the next programme.

Find out how the IAA and Mars Wrigley Confectionery helped Huddersfield retailer Marty Uppal merchandise his store to drive sales.


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