How to make your displays look better than your competitors’

Brands matter in retail. It is no secret that shoppers will spend more on a brand they trust.

Shoppers can also make a purchase decision faster than if presented with the same product in unbranded packaging. This is why I spend time ensuring brands are respected on the shop floor.


The photo on the left is how it looked before and the photo on the right is the after shot. All I did was turn the wrap so the brand – Hallmark – is represented in a consistent way. To me, the display on the right reflects value better than the messy display on the left.

Allocating a small amount of shop floor time can make your branded displays look better than other retailers’. This can make you and your team more proud of your business. Hopefully it will drive shoppers to notice the branded products and spend more with you – this is the key goal.

I appreciate this management tip may seem somewhat obsessive. But I think it’s valuable shop floor work through which we can make a statement about our businesses compared to others who may have the same products.


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