How to keep all your staff in the loop

Christine Hope looks at being cautious about having favourite members of staff and how to make everyone feel included.

I love chatting to customers and staff. The trouble with chatting to staff is trying to remember who you have told what. We have a great team here, but sadly I noticed that I was telling one member of staff everything and leaving others feeling either left out or, worst of all, devalued, which was totally unintentional. 

In a bid to attempt to readdress communication to all staff, we have come up with the simplest of solutions – a staff noticeboard. 

Having a staff noticeboard makes communicating with all members of staff so simple and easy. Why we haven’t done it before is beyond me. 

As a belt-and-braces kind of girl, I’ve decided to have two noticeboards. One is for legal notices, health and safety, insurance notices and changes to contracts, while the second noticeboard is an A2-size, wipe-clean only board, which lists planned events, tastings, orders or changes in prices, so everyone knows what is going on. 

We also use it to put up thank you letters we have received due to helpfulness and great customer service.

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