How to increase footfall this summer

Sam Coldbeck talks about how she plans to make the most of summer in store.

For many years now we’ve been spoilt. No guess work, no uncertainty, no “will it, won’t it”. The British Summertime has been an unprecedented washout for most of us!

However, I have it on good authority that this year, as we’ve got no major events to gear up for, the sun will shine its heart out and treat us retailers to a bumper crop of wonderfully thirsty, lobster-red customers!

In Hull, summer always starts early. Easter weekend sees many hardy northerners strolling out in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops in temperatures barely warm enough to enter positive figures. However, this year it was lovely. The sun came out, seaside resorts got their first boost of the season and the mood was good.

Our preparation for summer also starts around Easter time (minus the shorts, t-shirts and flip flops) The slush machine is put back in prime position next to the counter, the chilled, fruit ciders are extended and the ice cream freezer is filled to the brim with this year’s offerings.

We find that by offering a full range of barbecue coal, lighter fluid, disposable trays and accessories close to the Butchery meats, impulse sales are given a healthy boost when sunshine and weekends come together.

We’re lucky to have a fantastic community park within walking distance of the shop and keeping track of local events is a real bonus. This allows us to devote extra cash to our free-to-use ATM, we can provide families with ready-made picnics to take along and even sponsor a float or event during the Lord Mayor’s Parade.

Social media is a must at this time of year. Our customers are much more tempted to come out for a walk on a warm evening. By letting them know about our opening hours, store events, product range and promotions, we see our footfall increase on summer evenings.

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