How do illicit tobacco sales affect your shop?

In late April, Imperial Tobacco launched the second phase of its campaign against the trade in illicit tobacco – Suspect it? Report it!

In late April, Imperial Tobacco launched the second phase of its anti-illicit trade campaign – Suspect it? Report it!

To support the campaign message to the trade and wider public a number of materials have been designed to highlight locations in which illicit tobacco is now increasingly being targeted at by criminals.

The first scenario, depicted on posters and through trade press adverts, was of an illegal tab house scene and the threat that they pose to local communities and businesses.

The latest campaign visual outlines the worrying rise in smuggled tobacco being brought into the UK through our airports and is also supported by a short film depicting how criminals view the UK as a hot spot destination to sell illicit tobacco.

It’s vital that the trade and public stand up to this problem and help protect hard working retailers and our communities from this criminality. The film message is clear – Don’t turn a blind eye, speak up.

Peter Nelson, Imperial Tobacco Anti-Illicit trade Manager, commented; “This film shows the cold, harsh reality of what our Law Enforcement partners are up against in tackling these criminals. It’s imperative that the flow of illegal tobacco products does not undermine our legal supply chain.”


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