How are you preparing for the Football World Cup this summer?

How are you planning to take advantage of the Fifa World Cup which takes place in Brazil this summer?

Here are three retailers' viewpoints – let us know what you think in the comments section below this article.

“We’ll be doing lots of promotions. We haven’t finalised them yet, but there will be a lot on beers and wines. We always do well when the football is on – our nearest team is Saints, so we’ve got four players in the world cup. We’ll be putting up flags and banners and we’re expecting a lot of displays and information from our suppliers too.”

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Vip Panchmatia, Hexagon Stores, Andover, Hampshire

“We’ll be making sure we’re well stocked up with drinks, especially ones on the theme of Brazil. Lucozade, Pepsi and Tango are doing special Brazil drinks, so we’ll be promoting those heavily with merchandising. We’ve got posters, flags and stickers too, but the drinks are definitely the most important thing.”

Divyesh Patel, Wickbourne Stores, Littlehampton

“You tend to feel the atmosphere when the football’s on. Hopefully it’ll be a good summer, and the kids will be in, so we’ll have caps, T-shirts, lollies. We’ll have lots of ice cream too, and World Cup souvenirs. The kids tell the parents what they want! And of course we’ll have cans, because if it’s a good day, there will be screens up for the football.”

Shamaila Malik, Malik News, Withington, Manchester


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