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The Hot Beverage Category in the UK Convenience channel is worth almost £200m and in the last year it has shown impressive growth of 5%. Find out how you can improve your hot drinks category.

  1. Key Points
  2. How to maximise your sales
  3. Planograms
  4. What to Stock

The Hot Beverage Category in the UK Convenience channel is worth almost £200m and in the last year it has shown impressive growth of 5%1. Soluble Coffee is the largest segment within Hot Beverages with with sales over £91m (+0.4%)2.

Key Points

Hot beverage shoppers are vital to convenience outlets

  • The average coffee shopper spends almost twice as much per visit compared to the average Convenience shopper (£8.94 v £5.31)3.
  • Hot beverage shoppers are also more likely to buy into other categories than the average Convenience shopper – average of 5.1 v 2.7 items per trip3.
  • It is essential that stores satisfy these shopper needs and provide the necessary space for products that are so important to their business.

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    How to maximise your sales

    Retailers can maximise hot beverage sales by following these three easy steps:

    1. Stock the right range
    Ensure you stock the leading brands from each segment to aid shopper satisfaction and maximise your sales. 78% of shoppers know exactly what brand they want to buy before entering the store4. 61% of convenience shoppers have 1 or 2 preferred brands of tea or coffee4.

    2. Make it visible
    Over 30% of shoppers fail to purchase in Convenience retailers because they believe the shop doesn’t sell the item they want or they couldn’t find what they wanted in-store4.

    Help guide them to the category with clear signage. Use beacon brands such as NESCAFÉ Original for regular coffees to signpost the sub category.

    3. Make it available
    The priority for Convenience retailers is to ensure consistent product availability. 42% of shoppers failed to purchase a product because of out of stocks4. 100g jars of Instant Coffee are the core packs for Convenience.


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    Download the planograms and data
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    What to Stock

    RANKPRODUCTAvg. Weekly Sales Per Store (£)Annual Sales Total (£)Change on previous year (%)
    01Nescafé Original Coffee Granuales 100Gg11.875620000 4.1
    02PG Tips Tea Bags 80s8.553170000 4.3
    03Tetley Tea Bags 80s9.593110000 9.0
    04Nescafé Gold Blend Coffee Granules 100g8.662810000 8.1
    05PG Tips Tea Bags 40s6.602240000 26.4
    06Nescafé Original Coffee Granules 200g16.972120000 -12.7
    07Nescafé Original Coffee Granules 50g7.292060000 -1.7
    08Tetley Tea Bags 40s5.632040000 11.1
    09Kenco Smooth Freeze Dried Coffee Granules 100g6.391900000 30.8
    10Kenco Rich Freeze Dried Coffee Granules 100g6.171680000 28.4
    11Nescafé Gold Blend Coffee Granules 200g33.371490000 18.6
    12Tetley Tea Bags 160s11.131180000 -5.5
    13Taylors Yorkshire Tea Bags 80s7.251160000 5.8
    14Typhoo Tea Bags 80s4.54910000 45.1
    15PG Tips Tea Bags 160s21.60900000 -34.6
    16Kenco Rappor Coffee Granules 100g4.42870000 -12.0
    17Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g3.05740000 20.7
    18Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Freeze Dried Coffee 100g6.00620000 24.4
    19Nescafé Café Menu Cappuccino & Shaker 10 x 22g5.28590000 -27.1
    20Own-label Coffee Granules 200g3.03580000 26.9
    21Maxwell House Coffee Granules 100g3.26580000 -2.9
    22Kenco Decaf Freeze Dried Coffee 100g4.22550000 5.9
    23Nescafé Original Decaf Coffee Granules 100g4.08420000 -6.2
    24Quick Brew Tea Bags 80s5.73400000 46.7
    25Own-label Rich Roast Coffee Granules 100g4.82380000 17.6
    Optional StockRed Mountain Coffee Granules 100g3.08368000 36.6
    Optional StockTwinings Earl Grey Teabags 100g4.32320000 15.7
    Optional StockOvaltine Original Malt Drink 125g3.80290000 22.6
    Optional StockDouwe Egberts Cafetiere Coffee 250g3.42230000 12.0
    Optional StockTyphoo Teabags 160s5.62210000 94.6

    Source: SalesOut Data July 2010

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    Sources: 1. IRI, w/e 2 Jan 2010, 2. IRI total convenience 52 w/e 9 October 2010, 3. Him! CTP 2010 4. Him! CTP 2009 TNS


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