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Retail Newsagent meets this year’s retailers for Wrigley's Merchandising with the Masters programme, helping them to grow gum sales.

Now in its fifth year, Wrigley’s Merchandising with the Masters programme helps
retailers to improve sales in the impulsive gum category. Retail Newsagent meets this year’s retailers

The Opportunity

97% of Wrigley gum sales are from sugarfree products. Gum is a highly impulsive category so ensuring your gum display is visible and fully stocked is crucial to success.” – Steve Stafford

Retailer Joe Williams, Village Store Hook Norton

“My gum range has always been very limited, but I have recently moved the display and have already seen an increase in sales. Now I need guidance to help extend my range, so sales can continue to increase.”

Joe Williams, Village store Hook Norton

Harj Dhasee

“I recently removed my gantry and opened up my floor space, but this dramatically reduced my till area and my gum sales have suffered. With limited till space, I need to know what bestsellers to stock, and how to ensure customers don’t mis my gum.”

Harj Dhasee, Nisa Village Shop, Mickleton

Steve Stafford“Gum is an impulsive category and therefore having a limited range or placing gum out of customer eye level, can mean missed sales. I am looking forward to working with Joe and Harjinder to look at their visibility and availability and help them increase their gum sales.”

Steve Stafford, Field sales representative, Wrigley

gaz-bains“My gum sales have improved because I have built relationships with my reps to ensure I am stocking the best ranges and always have good availability. Both retailers are going to see the benefits of working closely with Wrigley, and I am looking forward to working with them too.”

Gaz Bains, Select & Save, Belgrave Stores Coventry

What happens next?

Changes to merchandising, reviewing both stores’ gum ranges and insightful advice from Steve and Gaz should help Joe and Harjinder’s sales to increase significantly over the six-week trial period. Find out more about the advice given, the changes made and the impact on sales in the next instalment.


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