Find your voice on social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are used by billions of people worldwide. This will undoubtedly include the majority of your customers and potential customers. Ignoring social media is no longer an option.

When I was speaking to a newsagent last week, they mocked social media as irrelevant. If I want to say something to someone I’ll call them or speak to them face to face”. While that works for personal communication, social media is used by too many people and relied on too much now to be ignored.

Every newsagent should have a business page on Facebook, an profile on Twitter and a Google+ page as a minimum. I know newsagents who have had this for years and use it very effectively to reach out and discover new customers.

Used well, social media offers you a platform from which you can demonstrate relevance to your local community and through which you can offer services that speak to the type of business you wish to run.

Saying you are too old or don’t understand or don’t have time is unacceptable. If you own a newsagency, or any retail business, you need to embrace these platforms and speak to your community. You have new customers to gain and very little to lose.

Learn more about how social media can work for you and your business in our dedicated section.


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