Early energy investment is key

Small retailers can learn from larger ones and make simple changes to save energy, according to npower.

Darren Lennon, head of direct sales at npower industrial and commercial, says that as energy costs rise, the payback on early investment will increase.

Speaking following the launch of a new YouGov survey commissioned by the energy supplier, Lennon said that small retailers should be inspired by how energy has risen up the agenda in the boardrooms of large retailers.

“Regardless of your size, the principles are the same. Use larger businesses as case studies for your business. If your store is open 8am-8pm, how much energy are you using after you close?,” he told Retail Express.

“Can you work on staff behaviour to save energy?”

With bills set to increase by 10% by 2020, investment is key.

“A good payback period for investment on refrigeration would be around two years. You need to make a business case in your own mind for this. Bills are going to increase thanks to things such as green energy policies – so the prize of investment gets bigger as prices rise,” he added.

Darren’s top energy tips:
  1. Understand your energy usage: what, where and when you use your energy is very important
  2. Focus on energy efficiency: there are simple changes you can make, such as changing staff behaviour, that can make a real difference.
  3. Take the long-term view: demand more of your suppliers – ask them what their forecasts are.


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