Confectionery singles: 5 ways to see your sales soar

Single confectionery is the heartland of convenience retailing. BetterRetailing looks at five things you can do to see your sales soar.

Single confectionery is the heartland of convenience retailing. BetterRetailing looks at five things you can do to see your sales soar.

Identify your core range

Buying sweets or a chocolate bar is often an impulse purchase, so stocking well-known brands is crucial to success in this area.

Your EPoS system will tell you accurately what these are and then you should take the bestselling lines and place them on the fixture where they will be easily noticed.

Stock new products

Once you have your core range in place, introducing new products and making sure they stand out is another great way to drive sales.

New products and limited editions keep your fixture fresh and usually benefit from supplier advertising, which means shoppers will be looking for them.

Confectionery with benefits

Traditional sweet treats are still a favourite among shoppers, but there are other areas that can drive impulse sales too.

Healthier confectionery has made significant gains in convenience stores in recent years and stocking these lines can help you attract new shoppers.

Stock seasonal impulse lines

With six weeks until Easter Sunday, there’s a significant amount of time for independent retailers to profit from seasonal impulse lines. Here are the lines you should stock in your store:

  • Cadbury Creme Egg confectionery singles

  • Malteaster Bunny

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny Vanilla Mousse

  • Kinder Joy

  • Nestlé Confectionery’s Milkybar Bunny and Smarties Little Choc Chick

Make your fixture easy to shop

The final step in getting your singles range right is making the display as clear as possible. Your shoppers should be able to easily browse the range and grab what they want quickly.

Your bestselling brands should be the ones that are in clear view, either in the centre of the fixture or stocked at eye level.

Do PMP singles give better value than multiples?

PMP priceIndependent non-PMPTescoSainsbury’sWaitrose
Cadbury Dairy Milk50p76p60p50p60p
Cadbury Twirl50p76p60p65p60p
Cadbury Crunchie50p65p60p65p60p


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