Ask for proof

Too often in our channel we are too trusting of what we are told. You’ll often find that asking for proof, evidence or documentation of a position put is ignored or declined – meaning it’ open to you to not trust what the have said.

If a supplier claims a product is selling well, ask for proof. If someone on the phone says they have been told to call you by a colleague, your marketing group or someone else, ask for proof. If a landlord makes a promise, ask for proof – get it in writing. If a salesman makes a claim about being better than a competitor, ask for proof – get it in writing.

There have been some grand lies told to newsagents, individually and collectively, over the years, lies that have cost individuals and the channel dearly.

Asking for proof is basic due diligence.

It’s healthy to be suspicious and trusting when you are provided appropriate evidence


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