Are you ready?

What with the Olympic and Paralympic games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it is going to be a busy summer for British retailers. Both events are expected to cause huge increases in tourism and business demands, as well as additional bank holidays.

London retailers in particular can expect disruption during the Games, but with the torch relay planned to reach every corner of the nation and with all events to be shown live on the BBC (we’re stocking up on TV snacks!) it’s going to be a busy time – and great sales opportunity – for all.

Now is the time to start thinking about security, transport, logistics, and staffing.

Trade organisations are urging businesses to ensure employee holidays are carefully planned to avoid under-staffing over busy periods. If you are located near an event, it’s also worth making sure everyone is able to get into work.

In London, to ensure stock arrives during the Olympics, restrictions are being relaxed on night-time deliveries. As spokeswoman for Westminster Council explained: “If delivery vehicles can’t get in at night, and can’t get in during the day, then the goods just aren’t going to get there. For Londoners that means they can’t get their paper, their pint of milk and their other groceries.” Unlike the Sunday Trading proposal, the government has said it might consider extending a relaxation of the overnight delivery rules if the Olympic trial proved successful.

Preparing for when and how your shop will be affected and what changes you need to implement is essential.  The London 2012 business planner may be helpful in this. It’s aimed at London businesses in general, so not all points may be relevant, but it’s a useful tool.

What preparations have you already made to ensure a smooth running and extra-profitable summer?


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