90 Days of being Brilliant!

In 90 days time it will be January 1st 2013.  Traditionally the new year is a time when individuals and businesses alike look to make a fresh start and improve their health, well being and business prospects.  Its a time when bad habits are (attempted to be) put to rest and positive, can-do, attitudes are brought forward.  But why wait till the new year to make all those changes?  Why not now?

Back in June betterRetailing was part of the Local Shop Summit where Keynote speaker Micheal Heppel gave the attending retailers a motivational speech explaining how we should all aim not to be good, but to be Brilliant.  He followed it up with a call to action that over the next 90 days they set out their goals and put themselves on the path to brilliance.

With the final 90 days of the fantastic year of 2012 ahead of us now, what better time to put those words into actions.

Here’s Michaels with 90 days in 90 words:

There are 90 days left in 2012.

A year of hope and inspiration. A year where brilliant things have happened and a year where brilliant things can happen.
If I have just one message for you for the rest of this year it would be to use the next 90 days to do something remarkable. Don’t wait another minute. In the next 90 days you can do something amazing; for you, your organisation your family and friends.

Don’t wait another day. Do it! Do it now!


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