Booker launches Euro Shopper ready meals

The £2.50 pricemarked range comes with a 30% margin


Booker has made chilled ready meals under the Euro Shopper own label available for the first time, with the range offering 30% margin.

The microwaveable products were released last week, with £2.50 pricemarked 400g Cottage Pie and Macaroni Cheese lines available. Each product can be bought in case sizes of eight for a wholesale price of £14. Retailers can make 30% margin and each product has a shelf life of 25 days.

Retailers have already reacted positively to the new range. Serge Notay, of Premier Notay’s in Batley, told Better Retailing: “It’s a very new range and the first ready meal lines available in the Euro Shopper brand. It’s an affordable chilled product and helps meet the current demand of customers.”

Ken Singh, of BB Nevison Superstore in Pontefract, added: “I stocked similar products under Happy Shopper before and they did really well, as long as I stocked the full range. There was very little wastage as the shelf life was long and customers really like the product.”

The range will also help fill gaps left by the phasing out of Happy Shopper and Discover the Choice own label lines, which both had chilled ready meal products. The only other Booker own label which has chilled ready meal products is the Jack’s range.


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