Australia’s vape ban sparks concern for UK stores

John Dunne of the UK Vaping Association said a similar ban in the UK would fuel a black market and would not solve the problem

Industry bodies respond to Scottish Government plans to ban vape ads

Retailers fear a UK vaping ban would decimate the convenience trade, following news the Australian government is to ban recreational vaping.

The crackdown comes as experts say they are tackling an epidemic of young people taking up vaping, many of whom did not smoke.

Restrictions on flavours, colours, nicotine concentrations and other ingredients will be introduced in Australia, alongside plain packaging. The sale of vapes will be restricted to pharmacies.

Dennis Williams, of Premier Broadway in Edinburgh, said of the UK that while measures were needed to restrict sales, common sense had to apply.

“Bans don’t work,” he added. “They fuel illegal trade, and restricting sales through pharmacies would put even more pressure on the NHS.”

Director general of the UK Vaping Industry Association John Dunne said a similar ban in the UK would fuel a black market, and would not solve the problem.

Speaking on LBC radio, he said: “All this will do is make it difficult for adults to buy vaping products.

“We are calling for a fine of £10,000 for retailers who sell to minors and for vape retailers to be licensed.”

Last week, Westminster hosted a debate on youth vaping, hearing some calls for an outright ban.

Environmental activist Laura Young has gained momentum with her campaign to ban the use of single-use disposables in Scotland, with 14 councils already pledging their support.

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