Asda releases mockups and location requirements for new Express format

Mockups of the upcoming convenience brand show a focus on food to go

Asda has released official mockups alongside desired locations for its upcoming Asda Express convenience format.

The mockups, which give a tour around what the store will look like, show a food-to-go wall right by the entrance. This includes a concession from fast food chain Leon, bakery shelves and a ‘Food for Now’ wall.

Other notable sections are a ‘Food for Later’ wall, newspapers and magazines, areas for fresh produce and self-service tills.

In a list of requirements for potential sites to acquire for Express, Asda said it wanted the stores to be “visible and accessible”, have 4,000-5,000sq ft of gross floor space and located near or within transport hubs.

The multiple added it would consider stores on busy high streets, within neighbourhood or local centres with dense residential catchments, on in emerging housing developments and main roads.

The supermarket plans to open 30 of the convenience format in 2023, with two shops in Sutton Coldfield and Tottenham, north London, opening before the end of 2022.

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