Asahi spotlights leading lines to increase low and no alcohol sales in convenience

Sales director Steve Young says four key lines can help retailers increase sales in the category

asahi no alcohol

Convenience retailers could increase sales of no- and low-alcohol beer by £660 on average this year, according to Asahi UK.

The supplier says the category is under-indexing in convenience, where it accounts for 0.7% of beer sales. By comparison, it makes up 2.9% of beer sales in multiples.

Steve Young, sales director at Asahi UK, said: “The category is under-developed in convenience stores, but retailers can fix this by stocking just four key products to create a credible range.

“Retailers should offer Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% 4x330ml as it is the top alcohol-free beer by rate of sale in impulse. Seventy per cent of no- and low-alcohol beer sold in impulse stores is in four-packs, with this format growing at 30%. Single bottle is the second-biggest segment with 6% of sales, but this area is declining at -7%.”

Raising no- and low-alcohol sales to the same level as in the multiples would generate £32m in sales in convenience, or £660 per store.

This is based on the Association of Convenience Store’s estimate that there are 48,590 convenience stores in the UK.

Additionally, January was the most successful on record for no- and low-alcohol products. No- and low-alcohol beer was 4.6% of the beer market in multiples, up from 4% in January 2022. In the 12 weeks to 28 January, no- and low-alcohol beer grew by 13.7%, while total beer grew by 0.6%.

Newer products, such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% and Guinness 0.0%, added the most value to the category. “With increased awareness, media exposure and higher-quality NPD, we should expect the no- and low-alcohol category to keep growing,” Young said.


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