In-store display – Academy in Action follow-up

In April, Susan Nash from category partner Mondelez International visited Helen Rogers at her shop in Ledbury to advise on how to improve her in-store display. Three months on, we look at how Helen has improved her sales

IAA Advice

  • Create impact by promoting the brand names of locally-sourced products, like meat from a nearby butcher, on signs around the shop
  • Put up posters to promote buying a quick meal, and create excitement by trialling better adjacencies
  • Get more details from reps and suppliers to ensure you get the maximum benefit from any new displays

in-store-display-stat.jpg The Results

The visit has inspired a number of changes. We moved the chillers with soft drinks next to the food to go and sales are up. After Susan came, Maggie from Mondelez organised our confectionery and biscuit displays and this has tidied up the store so people are now shopping more of it. Losing our wholesaler Blakemore means shoppers missed its promotions but the IAA’s help means we are ahead year on year as we move to a new supplier.

Susan Says

The display improvements make it easier for shoppers to find what they want and the results are in the numbers. Helen already stocked these but now she is seeing sales growth for little extra effort, highlighting how small steps can really make a big difference.


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