Effective ranging with Coca-Cola European Partners – Academy in Action follow-up

In March, Tina Childs from Coca-Cola European Partners joined retailer David Ramsey to improve his range. Four months on, we find out the result.


IAA Advice

  • Add zero-calorie drink options and group product types together to make categories like soft drinks easier to shop.

  • Research specialist alcohol suppliers and offer tasting and in-store events to raise awareness of the new range.

  • Ask customers what food-to-go items they’d like you to sell, then reposition products for a better shopping experience.


The Results


We implemented a new planogram for our fridges and have seen amazing sales increases. We repositioned the flavoured Diet Coke and Coke Zero sugar varieties and they are now selling the same amount as Coca-Cola Classic. We have also extended our alcohol range with products such as Indian pale ales. The new lines we added are outselling the existing products two to one. We also have a notepad at the counter for customer feedback.

Partner Feedback

Tina.jpgI am pleased David has achieved good results and improved his product range. Meeting shopper needs and offering choice is key to developing his shop long-term as it encourages customers to come back. 


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