10 retailers sign up to Flash Delivery service

Whittaker, who operates his store near Oldham, officially launched Flash Delivery on April 17

Justin Whittaker

Premier retailer Justin Whittaker has recruited more than 10 retailers to his Flash Delivery home ordering service, with more expected to join. 

Whittaker launched the service in April as a trial, marking the first time a retailer has made a home delivery app available to fellow store owners. Commenting on the rollout of the app, Whittaker told Better Retailing: “We’ve taken on retailers from all over the country, so interest has been really good. Sales have been positive in participating shops, with some retailers generating thousands. We’re on track to add more as we’ve had good feedback through word of mouth so far.” 

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“What makes it stand out from other home delivery services is that it’s one of the only ones created by an independent retailer, so I understand what other store owners want with regards to commission and the range available. The fees we charge are also lower in comparison to some of the major home delivery providers, and there’s a loyalty scheme, which helps encourage repeat purchases.” 

Whittaker charges 3% of each transaction, with no additional fees. Branding for vehicles and clothing are provided, although retailers are required to use their own drivers. Prices on the platform are determined through Booker’s own central system. 

More than 1,000 customers have downloaded the app on Google devices alone. 

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