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Join the Independent Achievers Academy to see how retailers like you are working with our partners to use the Academy's advice to increase sales and profits

Academy in Action

Academy in Action follow-up: Marketing to Customers with Hi! Street Digital

In March, Hi! Street Digital managing partner Jonathan Daniels visited Tariq Majid's Brookside Filling Station near Hungerford to advise on marketing. Three months on, what action has he taken? Tariq's Plan 1. Request new signage from...
IAA merchandising

Academy in Action follow-up: Merchandising with Mars Wrigley

Mars Chocolate’s Helena Tagliarini and Wrigley’s Steve Stafford joined John Green at his Cambridgeshire store in April to look at how he can improve his merchandising. Here’s how John has got on since. John's Action...
Academy in Action

Academy in Action follow-up: Shop Layout with Pladis

In May, Hena Chandarana from Pladis visited Rishi Patel to discuss how he could improve his shop layout. Three months on, we found out how the advice has helped his business. Rishi's Action Plan 1. Order...
follow-up Post Office

Academy in Action follow-up: Customer Service with the Post Office

In March, the IAA and the Post Office visited Paresh Vyas’s shop in Manchester to help improve his customer service. Here, we find out how this advice has helped. Paresh's Action Plan 1. Write down how...
IAA staff development

Academy in Action follow-up: Staff Development with P&G

In April, the IAA visited Sue Nithyanandan’s shop in Epsom, to discuss staff, teamwork and staff development. Three months on, we ask how this advice has helped. Sue's Action Plan Ask staff to write their...
Academy in Action effective range

Academy in Action follow-up: Effective Ranging with CCEP

In March, the IAA visited Hitesh Modi’s Shop in Chesham to help improve his range. Three months on, we ask how this advice has helped. Hitesh’s Action Plan 1.     Add more "no added sugar" variants to...
Booker Academy in Action

Community service: Academy in Action with Booker

The facts Name: Robert Kirkwood Shop: Premier Express Corner Shop Location: Cowdenbeath, Scotland Size: 470sq ft Staff: Two full-time, one part-time Contributing to your local area increases awareness and drives loyalty. The IAA's Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski and Booker's Martyn...
Retail Innovation

Academy in Action with News UK: Retail Innovation 2017

The facts Name: Vince Malone Shop: Tenby Stores & Post Office Location: Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales Size: 900sq ft Staff: Four full-time, three part-time The IAA’s Simon King and News UK’s Chris Hughes joined Vince Malone to advise on...

Academy in Action

The 12 Academy in Action visits have now all taken place. We’ll be following up with each of the retailers to find out how the IAA and it’s partners’ advice has helped each Friday, so stay tuned!