The Panchmatias family have various stores across the midlands and the south

Vip Panchmatia (Dad)

I tried to instil the values of discipline and hard work in Anish and his brother  – it’s important to take pride in your business, and not be afraid of working long hours. But they were also coached by other members of staff, which I think was positive – the lessons didn’t just come from a parent but directly from the shop floor. Anish now does a great job with his staff. He’s very hands-on but he’s not afraid to delegate, and this helps the team gel. It’s motivating to be given some responsibility, to feel you’re being respected.


Secrets of my success

Always keep learning: I’ve moved with the times and Anish has helped me work with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. I’ve learned how to use them to integrate my store with the community at large. 

Anish Panchmatia (Son)

I studied law and worked in China, before realising it wasn’t for me. I came back, started helping my dad at the store, learned lots from him, before setting up my own store in Birmingham.

My dad and I are different generations, from different countries even, so we have completely alternative viewpoints on many things. I’m happy to invest in people, to take on board their ideas. But I’m still learning from him too. This winter, we’re selling coal and firelighters. I didn’t think people still wanted those products, but it’s been been a great idea.

Secrets of my success

Be open to inspiration: Two years ago I went to Sweden with a friend, and the local store near her house was phenomenal. I took lots of layout ideas from it and that’s because I’ve learned from my dad that ideas can come from anywhere.