If you want to benefit from the extra sales Halloween brings in, you need to get into the spirit of the season – and that means starting early. With just seven weeks to go until the big day, here’s three simple tasks you can do now that will help set you profit this Halloween.

Seven weeks to go

Halloweeraj-singhn may seem like a long way off, but there are some tasks that are worth doing early. For Raj Singh, who runs a Londis store in Banbury, this includes looking at last year’s sales data. “I always save my pre-sell orders, and this year’s – which I’ve already ordered – is based on sales data from the previous Halloween,” he says. Not only does this ensure that the products he orders are the best choice for his store, but using his symbol group’s pre-sell catalogue allows him to choose from a wider Halloween range at lower prices.

Home baking is one category, however, where it isn’t too early for customers to start shopping.  According to Jan McKee, head of marketing for Dr.Oetker, home baking sales have grown year on year, and the segment achieved a strong uplift in the eight weeks prior to Halloween last year. “Home baking creates opportunities for families to spend time together, particularly during seasonal events such as Halloween,” she says.

Ms McKee highlights the importance of stocking orange and black food colouring, writing icing and cooking chocolate, all of which have performed particularly well over the past two years.

To do:

  1. Analyse last year’s sales data to identify bestsellers
  2. Order stock now to take advantage of deals
  3. Use PoS and signage to group Halloween baking products
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