Focus on fascias and franchises: Parfetts Go Local Extra

Since joining Go local nine months ago, Bay Bashir has increased sales at his Middlesbrough store with more promotions and support

Since joining Go local nine months ago, Bay Bashir has increased sales at his Middlesbrough store with more promotions and support

The Facts

Average store size: 1,500sq ft

Average weekly turnover: £10,000

Number of UK retail members: More than 400

Cost of joining: Free

A focus on providing great value and service has led to record growth as more independent retailers choose Parfetts.

The expansion of the wholesale network and investment in delivery services has attracted more retailers to the Go Local fascia, and as a result has grown its store numbers by 33% to more than 400 nationwide.

Parfetts employees are members of a thriving culture that share in the company’s successes and failures. It leads to an increase in responsibility, motivation and care, which creates the best possible experiences for retailers.

The company supplies a range of food, drink and tobacco lines, while achieving high standards of quality, value and service. This dedicated approach has ensured that Parfetts has grown steadily since it was first founded in Stockport in 1980. Now, nearly four decades later, the company operates across the north of England and Wales with ambitious plans for the future.

Why Stay

Bay Bashir
Go Local, Middlesbrough

“We joi ned Go Local Extra in 2015 as part of measures to combat the opening of a 24-hour Asda had on our sales.

“We settled on Go Local because it has great range, value and, vitally, a partnership with Nisa where we can get the whole Nisa chilled and frozen range.

“As a result we’ve doubled our turnover. Parfetts holds a very large range of groceries and household items, so we can get anything our customers ask for.

“We have merchandisers coming in two or three times a year to help us reevaluate the store, help us maximise space and try out different product lines.

“Parfetts has provided huge help with a big refit where we took over the neighbouring unit and doubled the size of the store.

“We can see that customers have raised their expectations of the store. We have people we’ve never seen before picking up baskets and doing a full shop.”

Why join

Bay Bashir
Go Local, Middlesbrough

Great promotions: “We moved over nine months ago and it’s been fantastic. I’ve got five stores and we’ve seen sales go up by 2%, 5% and even 10% on a monthly basis. A lot of that can be attributed to promotions and deals.”

Right product range: “Go Local are really focused on the categories that work best for me. Because of the demographic in this area, fresh and chilled isn’t so important – it’s more about soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits and tobacco.”

Refit support: “We changed a lot of things when we moved over and Parfetts were happy to invest in the business. We put in extra chillers and they helped to get us a deal on two new coffee machines.”

Join us

Telephone: 0161 429 0429

Email: info@parfetts.co.uk

Web: www.parfetts.co.uk


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