mars dark maltesers

Mars Wrigley is set to launch Dark Maltesers on 20 June.

The launch marks the first innovation in the Maltesers range for nearly 10 years, formulated with 30% less sugar than regular Maltesers and 65% more cocoa.

It comes as dark chocolate has grown by 15%, with Mars aiming to make the segment more accessible to shoppers under 25.

Dark Maltesers will launch in a £1 price-marked 59g treat bag, a 32g single and a 163g sharing pouch.

Leah Dyckes, brand director for M&M’s and Maltesers, said: “The creation of Dark Maltesers is a direct response to our consumers who have voiced they would like a dark chocolate variety of their favourite treat. Dark Maltesers retain what consumers know and love about Maltesers whilst offering a richer flavour profile, widening the consumer base of dark chocolate to younger consumers.”

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