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Top tips and trends:

1. Stock the best selling product

Focus on a core range and make sure you stock the bestselling products in the category.

Sugarfree gum is growing as chewers seek out a healthy addition to their day-to-day oral care routine. Over 97% of Wrigley’s gum sales are from sugarfree products, and EXTRA sugarfree gum is accredited by the Oral Health Foundation.

2. Meet shoppers needs for pack formats

Stock different pack formats to reflect shopper needs. The bottle format is driving growth, up 37% in the last year, and is ideal for the desk or car to meet the demand of frequent grazers.

Try new products from the biggest brands as these help drive engagement with the category. The snacking on-the-go trend provides a fantastic opportunity to encourage gum as an additional purchase in meal deal promotions.

3. Stock gum in a counter top display

Gum is highly impulsive so make sure you stock it in a counter top display at the till to capture impulse sales. A standard impulse display delivers 570 individual packs and a fully stocked display will help maximise your profit potential and guarantee repeat visits.

Consider secondary displays to encourage additional purchases of gum for consumption after snacking. You can plan where best to site these displays by understanding your shoppers needs, such as buying a lunchtime sandwich or stocking up for a big night in.

Information and advice supplied by Wrigley.

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By betterRetailing ⁣ 26 Oct, 2017



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