Nisa will take advantage of disruption caused by the Booker and Tesco merger to ramp up its recruitment efforts and bring more retailers into the group.

Following the launch of Nisa’s new format for Store of the Future 2, chief executive Nick Read said Booker/Tesco uncertainty would be an opportunity to target Budgens, Londis and Premier retailers.

“I think it’s going to be an enormous amount of pain and, consequently, quite a bit of fallout over the next 18 months, and our job is to enjoy and embrace the disruption,” he said. “At the same time, we’ll present opportunities for our members to grow their businesses.”

He added that Nisa’s new specialist team of recruiters, which launched earlier this year, would help the company capitalise on the opportunity and grow the business.

Under the new Store of the Future 2 format, retailers can gradually introduce the elements they feel best fit their shop, rather than having to invest in the whole concept.

“We recognise that we can’t impose Store of the Future 2 on retailers as a whole – the pressures on their businesses are too intense,” said Read. “The team has developed this modular approach, so it’s more of a mix and match. What is it a retailer wants to focus on? We will help them develop that part of their business.”

He added that the company was looking at more ways to help retailers invest in their stores, including better use of its symbol group development fund and giving better credit.