Booker’s new Hemel Hempstead distribution centre is to provide full distribution to One Stop retailers early this year, Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis has confirmed. 

The distribution centre is currently supplying frozen and chilled deliveries to 70% of the chain’s stores following its opening at the end of last year. 

Asked by RN when the rollout would be completed, Lewis said: “Full distribution will be completed by the first part of this year. Total availability and service levels have improved to One Stop and Booker retailers after opening the centre.”

Lewis also confirmed Tesco has been in discussions with suppliers on stockpiling, should a no-deal Brexit happen when Britain leaves the EU at the end of March. “We’ll use the space where it makes sense across the Booker and Tesco network,” he said. 

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“We’ve had discussions about whether we need to hold on to stock. We’ve examined products across all categories and the lifecycle of certain products.”

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