Jeet Bansi, one of our seven expert retailer columnists, offers his tips on how you can generate valuable positive PR.

The impact that good PR can have on business can be very easily measured in our field.

The return on investment from positive PR may perhaps be difficult to quantify. What do we do to build an image and then how is this communicated? 

Recently we have had a couple of store visits from our partner Booker Retail Partners. Note the word partner, as essentially, this is what it is – a partnership where one cannot be successful without the other.

We really enjoyed the visits as it was a real opportunity to feedback any challenges around the business from our perspective and, most importantly, it allowed Booker Retail Partners management to see our store with their own eyes.

During the visit, a customer approached one of the senior management team and relayed positive comments about our store and how they enjoyed shopping here.

Building a good PR image should be seen as a long-term goal that inevitably leads to loyalty among your customer base.

We used the visit to help plan for the future. It was also a good opportunity to look at our store with a fresh pair of eyes.

If you’re looking to work on your PR, here are some of my tips for building a great image for your store:

  1. Use key events and help promote them – these can provide real opportunities to help further enhance your image.
  2. Work with your symbol group to shout about what you have to offer.
  3. Use social media to promote your local work in the community.
  4. Share best practice with your peers and colleagues and use this to further enhance your PR image.