Booker retailers have seen little benefit to their sales and product range eight months on from Tesco’s takeover of the wholesaler.

The finalised deal in March promised improvements on price, margins and availability alongside the rebranding of 30 Tesco own-label products into the Booker range.

Peter Robinson, of Londis Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire, told RN: “I haven’t noticed that much of a difference. 

“Yes, there are additions to the Discover the Choice and chilled ranges, alongside regular promotions, but it hasn’t been made obvious these are a result of the takeover.”

John Parkinson, of Premier Broadway Convenience in Llandudno, added: “I haven’t noticed any real differences following the two companies joining together.”

Another Londis retailer said he was thinking of switching to another fascia because of slow progress. “I’ve been considering looking at another symbol group that can offer benefits that suit my store,” he said. 

A Booker spokesperson said: “Sales to Booker retailers are up 15% since the merger with Tesco. 

“We are working hard in partnership with Tesco to improve choice, price and service for our customers and are looking forward to delivering these benefits in the coming months.”

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